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Mandalablue Yoga Gili Air is a seaview studio located at the seafront of Blue Marine Dive Resort. We offer various daily yoga classes in different styles suitable to all levels students.

YIN YOGA 3 DAY WORKSHOP. 01.12.17-03.12.17

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YIN YOGA 3 DAY WORKSHOP. 01.12.17-03.12.17


Two and a half days* of practice and theory of the 5 Elements of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) combined with Yin Yoga.

You will learn to identify the main acupressure points of the meridian system in the body and how to activate them. Also we will provide you several yin yoga sequence related to each one of the elements (Water, Metal, Fire, Earth and Wood).

Through this workshop you will get a better understanding about the connection body-mind (how our thoughts and believes affect our physical body and how to heal our emotions and thoughts through the balance of the phisical body in the asana practice and through the proper nutritional habits).

This workshop-retreat includes:

  • Two daily Yin & Accupressure sessions (theory and practice).
  • Asana practice and mindful meditation through the body.

What it is not included*:

  • Accommodation.
  • Meals.
  • Transport in/out Gili Air.

Please send us an e-mail to if you are interested in detail information about this workshop and its complete content.

* We help on arranging accommodation and transport to the island with a 21% service charge.
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