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Mandalablue Yoga Gili Air is a seaview studio located at the seafront of Blue Marine Dive Resort. We offer various daily yoga classes in different styles suitable to all levels students.

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Workshop: "Loving Yourself"

You have been taught that love depends on others, and this has led you to have relationships marked by pain and dependence.
But the truth is that Love is within you, and does not depend on anything external.
This workshop will give you the opportunity to break free from everything that does not let you accept and love yourself as you are, in all respects.
In this way you will be able to establish healthy and harmonious relationships and a fulfilling life.

With this workshop you will:

-Integrate the state of meditation in your daily life
-Heal and nurture your inner child
-Practice forgiveness toward yourself and others
-Learn to deal with all your emotions in a healthy way
-Overcome the fear of loneliness
-Recover your inner power
-Get wisdom of every experience
-Find your soulmate

Workshop lead by the author of the best-seller "Love of your life" and "Love of your shared life". She is a writer, therapist and international speaker, formed in various techniques of healing and personal growth at the Osho Multiversity in Poona, India. Over the past 30 years she has given workshops in many cities around the world.

Dates: 19 & 20th November

Investment: 1,500,000 Idr (if you need help in accommodation and/or transport, please send us an E-mail to



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