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Mandalablue Yoga Gili Air is a seaview studio located at the seafront of Blue Marine Dive Resort. We offer various daily yoga classes in different styles suitable to all levels students.

FlyHighYoga™ Teacher Training

13-17th May 2017

Become an aerial yoga teacher in front of the ocean...

Become an aerial yoga teacher in front of the ocean...

Become a FHY™ Teacher, bring playfulness & joy into your life, shine!

FHY™ Teacher Training, Level 1 is meant for all, who would like to become a FHY™ Teachers and grab the opportunity to bring this incredible practice wider in to the world! 

It covers the use of a FHY™ Hanging Belt, specific detailed FHY™ connected anatomy explanation and practice, teaching methodology, philosophy and business of FHY™ and spiritual practices of meditation, pranayama and mystic healing.



This 35 Hours Teacher Training will prepare you to step deeper in to the world of FlyHighYoga™ Practice, a style of aerial yoga that carries a firm foundations of traditional Iyengar yoga knowledge. You will meet FHY™ Practice from a perspective of a Teacher, deepen into it’s understanding, characteristics, art of creating a FHY™ Class and ability to guide through it’s discovery new FHY™ Practitioners.

After completing FHY™ TT Level 1 you will be able to start teaching FHY™ Classes and bring the joy, creativity and it’s benefits to other curious students all around the world!


FHY™ Teacher Training Level 1 consist from: 

  1. Introduction to FlyHighYoga™
  2. Meditation, Pranayama
  3. Theory of FHY™ (Iyengar & aerial yoga style)
  4. Anatomy of FHY™ (Iyengar yoga origin)
  5. FHY™ Philosophy
  6. FHY™ Postures
  7. FHY™ Props
  8. Teaching Methodology and FHY™’s specialties
  9. FHY™ Group Practice
  10. FHY™ Practice Teaching
  11. Business of FlyHighYoga™
  12. Future of FHY’s development.

IMPORTANT – AVAILABILITY: Limited spots are available. Due to this you need to make sure you book your spot in advance. We are looking forward to meet you!


Tuition Investment, FHY™ Teacher Trainings in Indonesia:

9,3 mio IDR regular price (699 USD).

4mio IDR KTP Holder (300 USD).

4mio for two days FHY™ Workshop (13-14th May) (300 USD).


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